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Insulated Concrete Form Shop Drawings:
Beavercreek Elementary and Middle School

site plan
Site Plan
The new 250,000 square foot Beavercreek school includes 150,000 square feet of Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) walls. ICF walls are being used for all of the exterior walls because of their insulation value, strength, and ease of construction. In this new school many interior walls will also use ICF for its sound deadening qualities, as well. ICF walls have become very popular in Ohio schools for these reasons even though some architects and contractors still find them somewhat confusing. The bid documents for this project required "shop drawings" from the ICF supplier to show all the wall dimensions and details for field construction.

Because of our existing working relationship with the ICF supplier, Norton was retained to provide the necessary shop drawings for the project. The 37 sheet set of elevations and details was completed for the client in the summer of 2011. Construction began in July, with several of the involved entities expressing pleasure at the usefulness and clarity of the shop drawing set. Aerial

1st phase construction
1st Phase Construction

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