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Hunter's Pointe Pond

July 2011

Hunter's Pointe Pond
Original Pond
storage building
During Renovation
Hunter's Pointe Pond
After Construction

Norton Engineering was hired by the Home Owner's Association (HOA) at Hunter's Pointe in Beavercreek, off Beaver Valley Rd., to analyze a flooding problem they were having with their retention basin.

Norton started by looking at the original design plans and comparing them to the actual construction. Since the construction did not match the design (and the design was faulty as well), the pond was not capable of retaining the amount of water the design called out to be "acceptable."

Instead of hiring expensive lawyers and going through a legal battle to get the problem resolved, Norton stepped in and said he could get the pond redesigned and fixed, and it would cost less than hiring a team of lawyers to resovle the issue. Norton redesigned the pond's overall area and depth and also designed a new overflow drainage swale to allow a worst-case-scenario route for the flooding water.

The construction is completed and new grass has seeded and flourished recreating the recreational and beautiful retention pond the HOA had originally wanted. Once again, Norton accomplished this task at a price less than the cost of hiring lawyers, and without the headache of a legal battle.

Hunter's Pointe Pond

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