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A computer cable distributor in Dayton acquired a new building a few years ago. A particular room in the facility developed several problems with the floor over time. The concrete slab was cracking and worsening due to the use of forklifts being in constant operation. Also, the floor appeared to have significant settling around the heavy steel interior columns. The client wanted to know if the settling had weakened the structural integrity of the building, and whether it would continue. The client also wanted input on replacing the floor. column
Norton examined the floor, column, supported beams, and roof to see if the settling at ground level had major effects on the connections above. They had not. The room had been a freezer room prior to this company moving in, so it is possible that swelling or weak insulation under the floor slab caused the appearance of sinking columns, when in fact the floor seemed to have heaved upward, while the columns stayed soundly on their concrete footers. In any event, Norton determined that the damage had not weakened the steel structure.
Norton recommended replacing the concrete floor slab and replacing the subfloor insulation with sound graded gravel fill. Norton assisted with getting quotes for this work and reviewed the quotes from the contractors. Norton was also on site providing inspection services throughout the demolition and construction process. slab pour
Slab Pour

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